Riding Academy

At Cúdo Equestrian, we strive to develop well-rounded riders who are thoughtful in and out of the saddle. Our lessons revolve around a levels-based curriculum which includes mounted and unmounted lessons and testing.

Riding Academy Membership Offerings

1 Class Per Week

Weekly classes held for new and beginning riders who are aged 5 and older. Includes unmounted horsemanship classes.

Horse Use is additional fee for those who do not own their own mount.

2 Classes Per Week

Twice weekly classes held for advanced beginner and up riders. Includes unmounted horsemanship classes.

Horse Use is additional fee for those who do not own their own mount.

3 Classes Per Week

Three weekly classes for Intermediate thru Advances riders who want to fine tune their skills. One lesson can be replaced with a practice ride for our Advanced Students. Included unmounted horsemanship classes.

Horse Use is additional fee for those who do not own their own mount.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't own a horse, can I still take lessons?


All students who do not own a mount are enrolled in the “Pony Pool”, which gains you access to Angelica Run Farm’s wonderful pool of lesson ponies and horses for your regularly scheduled lesson day. This is a 7 month commitment to which aids in the daily upkeep of the horses.

What is the required equipment for an Evaluation Lesson?

Long Pants, Boots with a 1/2-1” Heel, ASTM/SEI Certified Riding Helmet.

*We recommend you shop in store for your helmet to have a sales associate find a correct fit…. Your head is important to protect!

Cúdo Equestrian will provide the horse or pony, saddle, bridle, and grooming equipment for the Evaluation Lesson.

What is the required equipment for riders enrolled in the Riding Academy?

Academy Riders are expected to have:

1. ASTM/SEI Certified Riding Helmet

2. Riding Tights or Breeches (belt required if belt loops)

3. Paddock boots

4. Any polo shirt or sport shirt will work for a riding top. Tuck in your shirt with a belt so your instructor can observe your form and best help you learn about solid riding position.

5. A complete grooming kit (Curry Comb, Hard Brush, Finishing Brush, Mane Brush, Hoof Pick, Hoof Oil and Fly Spray)

6. Saddle pad

7. Treats for their mount (peppermints, sugarcubes, or prepackaged horse treats)

What ages can join the Riding Academy?

We are able to accommodate riders from age 5 to Infinity!

Can I purchase one lesson at a time?

As a riding academy, our goal is to teach our students solid basics that make for a lifetime of safe and happy relationships with horses. We recognize that it takes some time to truly build this foundation. Start with a monthly half-hour package to see if horseback riding is for you! We know you’ll be hooked.

What happens if there is inclement weather during my lesson time?

Unless conditions are unsafe to drive to the stables, we hold lessons rain or shine! Lessons will be modified depending on the weather, or replaced with horsemanship lessons on the ground inside the barn, if riding conditions are not safe.

Do I need to arrive earlier than my scheduled lesson time?

No need for the Evaluation ride, or Beginner Riders.

Once you are able to independently tack your horse (your instructor will give you the go-ahead) you will be required to arrive 20-30 minutes early to tack up, which will allow for more riding time.

If your horse is already tacked in the lesson before you and you have arrived early, come out to the arena and audit!

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