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About the Farm

Located at Angelica Run Farm, on Hunter Mill Road in Vienna, Virginia makes Cúdo Equestrian a convenient destination for budding horse enthusiasts. The farm provides 2 well-lit, fenced, outdoor arenas to practice riding skills and provides direct access to the W&OD trail system for special occasion rides outside of the arena. We have horses of all abilities and sizes to accommodate a wide range of riders, from small beginners to re-riding adults!

Angelica Run Farm

1927 Hunter Mill Road

Vienna, VA 22182

Please, no drop-ins.

Our Horses & Ponies

The horses and ponies available for use during your lessons with Cúdo Equestrian come in all shapes and sizes, having the ability to accommodate a wide variety of riders. We have seasoned ex-show ponies, saintly Quarter Horses, and Thoroughbreds who are worth their weight in gold. These horses and ponies have temperaments suitable to a lesson program that allow the rider to focus on developing their skills.

All students who do not have their own mount are enrolled in the “Pony Pool”, which gains you access to Angelica Run Farm’s wonderful pool of lesson ponies and horses for your regularly scheduled lesson day.

The Cúdo Equestrian Riding Academy Team

We are very passionate about creating well rounded riders. Therefore, our lessons involve grooming, tacking, horse care, riding, and horse management through a curriculum which includes mounted and unmounted instruction and testing. We develop our riders to be thoughtful equestrians in and out of the saddle. Unmounted Horsemanship classes will be offered for all students. Adult Unmounted Horsemanship classes will meet once per month for a “Happy Hour” style class.


Angelica Run Farm

1927 Hunter Mill Road

Vienna, VA 22182

Please, no drop-ins

Cúdo Equestrian Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

2pm — 8pm


8am — 3pm



+1 (703) 972-6699